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Selling Cycling

Staff Training for the Bicycle Industry

The first two versions of Selling Cycling, produced in 1996 and 1999, relied on a video, Workbook and paper quiz format. The focus on sales technique and customer service issues reflects the need of retailers to turn bike enthusiast staff into enthusiastic sellers.

The underlying concept of Selling Cycling: You’re selling the sport and the activity of cycling, not the equipment. If you can help the customer learn and grow as a cyclist in the process of making the sale, you’ll earn their loyalty and referrals.

In 2003, the third version of Selling Cycling was introduced, with three types of training:

(1) Sales and Customer Service training on DVD (to replace the videos)
(2) Category training, how to sell all the different product categories (on CD-ROM)
(3) SKU training, how to sell the products from various brands within the categories

The 2009 version of Selling Cycling, with over ten hours of DVD and web-based content, raises the bar once again. With over 1,500 stores, 8,000 CD-ROMs, 13,000 staff registered, and over 4,000 SKUs, the program continues to grow and improve. Click here for a broadband demo of Selling Cycling.