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Growth Cycle: A Vision for Bicycling’s Future

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Growth Cycle was founded in 1996 by Ray Keener, following the demise of the Bicycle Industry Organization (Keener was the Executive Director). Keener was radioactively unemployable, and, necessity being the mother of invention, Growth Cycle was born.

As part of his BIO duties, Keener had worked closely with both of the industry’s dealer associations (NBDA and CABDA) on a plan to create a retail staff training program. So he decided to execute the plan.

The first Selling Cycling training program, a 45-minute video program and Owner’s Workbook, was produced in November 1996 and shipped to 238 retailers in January, 1997.

Over 1500 retailers now use the Selling Cycling program, which is also supported by over 70 supplier brands. The current version includes DVD and online training for 32 product categories and over 4,000 supplier SKU's.

In 2005, Growth Cycle's first venture into consumer education was born. Riding FUNdamentals has sold over 300,000 66 Tips CDs to 250 retail stores.